About Us

About the Site

This site is dedicated to bringing news, features, opinions, reviews and ideas regarding the hobby based aspects of life: gaming, music, film & TV, fitness and sport, books, travel and a few more).  In a fast paced world where quality of life and balance of lifestyle becomes increasingly difficult, we hope that this site provides interesting and useful reading on any or all of the listed sections.


Started as a personal project to help me improve the quality of my life, this idea has now expanded to involve the greater community.  After working for a number of years as a teacher, I had decided that my time off work was not being spent productively enough to make me truly happy in my life.  Upon handing in my resignation for my job, I utilised some free time to fully realise my passions in life whilst producing a few articles on each. I wanted to more fully connect with what makes me happy in life whilst also trying out some new things.

A move to a new city gave me the perfect opportunity and excuse for exploring the area by means of trying out some new activities whilst reconnecting with passions I’d not spent enough time on in recent years.  As the idea grew, I began to think more heavily about how this could help others as part of a lifestyle and hobby based project. This led me down the path of creating a website that could encompass a supportive community.

How Can the Website Help You?

Although the creation of this project began during a period without work, I thought about how the website could benefit people with varying lifestyles.  

It Contains Information on Activities to Fit Your Schedule

  • Throughout each major section of ‘Gaming’, ‘Music’, ‘Film & TV’, ‘Fitness & Sport’, ‘Mental Health Boost’ and ‘Try Something New’, there are activities that can be undertaken in just 15 minutes or a few hours.  Many of which are activities that can be fitted into your schedule, as and when it pleases you. Be it a recommendation on an album of 40 minutes long, a prompt to try a meditation class of 70 minutes or a link for a walking group that leads you into a hike of a few hours, there should be something for you here.

It Can Act as an Introductory Tool for New Activities

  • The ‘Try Something New’ section is designed to give you ideas for either trying out a new activity or re-introducing a previous hobby back into your life.  The motivation for a new or rekindled love of an activity is sometimes what the body needs to prevent boredom of a normal weekly routine.

It Places High Emphasis on Your Mental Wellbeing

  • Whilst the spread of sections will likely contain information in the areas of hobbies you love, the ‘Mental Health Boost’ section is designed to offer suggestions of activities that are either proven or widely believed to help improve mental health.  Everyone needs to tend to their own mental health, not just their physical health, so this section should be intriguing to most.

It Acts as a ‘Soft’ Alarm for Adjusting Your Life Balance

  • As editor, I love gaming, I love film and TV, I love fitness and sport and trying new things. But I realise that if I spend too much time stuck into any one of these activities then I’m less likely to be maximising my happiness.  This is also why the website contains a wide spread of sections in which you can get involved. Maybe you visit the site because of some gaming news and then stay because an article from the ‘Try Something New’ section piqued your interest.  The possibility there is that you find a new activity that you love to follow from time to time or even on a regular basis. If nothing else, I’d hope that the website helps to push your loved hobbies to the forefront of your mind and acts as an alarm bell for reminding you to look after your wellbeing by fitting in what makes you happy.


Our site will also contain reviews on various products across the categories of Gaming, Music and Film & TV. Each scoring system is detailed below.

Music, perhaps moreso that any of our other sections is a polarising topic when it comes to tastes and reviews, in particular.  With this in mind, we review our albums / songs on a simple 5-star system.

1 star = poor; 2 stars = below average; 3 stars = average; 4 stars = good; 5 stars = excellent

Film & TV
Our Film & TV reviews also adhere to the tried and trusted 5-star system.  Much like the Music reviews, each number of stars means the following:

1 star = poor; 2 stars = below average; 3 stars = average; 4 stars = good; 5 stars = excellent

Video games are reviewed out of 20 marks for the overall experience given to the player.  Aspects such as sound, graphics, level design and longevity are all taken into account in this one score and reviewed qualitatively throughout the article.  Of course, as with any review, the qualitative report and quantitative review is entirely subjective and may be at odds with your own experience. However, a level of balance is always considered and the aim is to limit bias in all accounts.

0-2 = awful; 3-5 = poor; 6-8 = below average; 9-11 = average; 12-14 = above average; 15-17 = very good; 18-20 = amazing

Top 7’s

7 wonders of the world, 7 dwarves, 7 continents, 7 basic musical notes, 7 rows in the periodic table, 7 days in the week, 7 chakras in our body, 7 players in a game of indoor football, 7 books in the Harry Potter series…..plus, Karl Pilkington reckons that you only need 7 mates to get through life!  Herewith, we present our strange reasoning for choosing the number 7 for our ‘Top 7’s’ series.

Anyway, thanks for visiting the site and I hope that you become a regular member of the community!


Damian 🙂